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Special Products

    Zhuqi Township is located at the east tip of Jianan Plain. 30-2000 meters above the sea level, the main industry in the town is agriculture. 80% of local labor force relies on agriculture. The town produces a wide variety of products, including tea, bamboo shoots, tangerines, Taiwanese pears, longans, jujube, grapefruits, and jack fruits.

    Alishan Forest Railway is famous across the world, and two thirds of its route is in Zhuqi Township. The train climbs up the mountain in zigzag, and the train passes countless attractions, for example the suspension bridges in Zhuqi Water Park, the precious bamboo forest, the traditional street by Fenqi Lake, delicious lunch boxes, tens of cozy B&Bs, the winding pathway in Dakeng, the pathway in Dulishan, Guanyin Waterfall, Yuntan Waterfall, Yuantan Nature Ecological Park, cigarette kiln, and Gutingben. This is the best place to get close to ecological resources and to hold leisure activities.

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