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    Adoption Registration收養登記
    Adoption Termination Registration終止收養登記
    Asset and Property Management財產管理及廳舍管理
    Biological Father’s Acknowledgement of Paternity生父認領同意書
    Building Number Adjustment門牌編訂
    Building Number Certificate門牌證明
    Coroner’s Report相驗書
    Court’s Judgment法院判決書
    Court's Final Verdict判決確定證明書
    Direct Blood Relative直系血親
    District Courthouse地方法院
    Divorce Registration離婚登記
    Household Certificate戶口名簿
    Household Certificate Transcription戶籍謄本
    Household Registration戶籍
    Household Registration Corrections戶籍登記錯誤更正
    Japanese Colonial Household Registration Transcription日據時期調查簿謄本
    Legal Consultation戶政法規諮詢
    Letter of Proxy委託書
    Marriage Certificate結婚證書
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